A Baton Rouge pool icon competed with his daughter and grandson — three generations of pool players — at a citywide tournament Thursday night in which the winners will head to Las Vegas for a national tournament.

Carol “Bull” Buhler, 82, a retired mechanic for Exxon Plastics, is a fixture at pool halls in Baton Rouge. He taught himself to play when he was in high school in the late 1940s and has played more than 2,000 matches since. On Thursday, he competed on an eight-person team named C’est Bon with his daughter Staci Buhler, 55, and her son Niall O’Callaghan, 21.

Bull Buhler took the lead in teaching his family how to play over the decades. Staci Buhler asked her father to teach her to play in 1964 when she was about 6 years old. Decades later, Bull taught O’Callaghan, now a junior at LSU, during family visits to her father’s house, Staci Buhler said.