Classroom Spotlight: Sacred Heart of Jesus School _lowres

Photo provided by Lisa Black Cossé -- Marcia Williamson’s kindergarten class at Sacred Heart of Jesus School includes, front from left, Cooper Volland, Taylor Spears, Ella Taylor, London Griffin, Kinsley Thaxton, Camryn Houston and Charlotte Boudreaux; middle, Emmett Herasymiuk, Riley Cash, Bryson Johnson, Gianna Canezaro, Urijah Robillard and Madison Redmann; and back, Cayleb Burns, Benjamin McCormick, Amelia Blanchard, Parker Galloway, Harmony Murrell and Parker Burr.

The Advocate’s Spotlight Classroom this week is Marcia Williamson’s kindergarten class at Sacred Heart of Jesus School. The students were asked:

  • What would you do if you were principal for a day?
  • AMELIA BLANCHARD: “I would let everyone have a field trip.”
  • CHARLOTTE BOUDREAUX: “I would tell people what to do.”
  • CAYLEB BURNS: “I would eat pizza.”
  • PARKER BURR: “I would talk on the phone.”
  • GIANNA CANEZARO: “I would go home.”
  • RILEY CASH: “I would get my nails done.”
  • PARKER GALLOWAY: “I would help people.”
  • LONDON GRIFFIN: “I would be nice and do everything I want to do.”
  • EMMETT HERASYMIUK: “I would say the announcements.”
  • CAMRYN HOUSTON: “I would have a party.”
  • BRYSON JOHNSON: “I would drink coffee.”
  • BENJAMIN MCCORMACK: “I would be nice.”
  • HARMONY MURRELL: “I would play.”
  • MADISON REDMANN: “I would eat chocolate bars.”
  • URIJAH ROBILLARD: “I would send someone to my office.”
  • TAYLOR SPEARS: “I would help the students.”
  • ELLA TAYLOR: “I would do work and watch the class do work.”
  • KINSLEY THAXTON: “I would have a fire drill.”
  • COOPER VOLLAND: “I would go on the intercom and tell everyone it is afternoon prayer.”