Editor’s note: This week we have two questions involving making turns at traffic lights.

QUESTION: It seems that the usual right-turn signals are being replaced at several major intersections. Now there is a “red arrow” light pointing “right”. Does this signify a stop before making the turn or does it mean you cannot make a right turn at all until the light turns green?

ANSWER: As we often do, we turned to city-parish Chief Traffic Engineer Ingolf A. Partenheimer, who gave us an answer, a correction from an answer in a previous column, and an update:

“With regard to the right turn on red arrows, I checked with our signal folks and found that there were some locations which were put up in error. They weren’t actually supposed to have the red turn arrows and these locations have been corrected.

“In a previous Ask The Advocate, we indicated that the arrow allowed a turn on red, but further research found this to be incorrect. It is actually designated as a no turn on red (red right arrow).

“Also we are looking into the new federal guidance for flashing yellow arrows which are coming in the future. We will be doing a media blitz prior to adding them. It’s an exciting time to be in Traffic Engineering.”

QUESTION: I have a question regarding turning at a red light. It is my understanding that it is okay to turn right at a red light once I come to a complete stop. Is it also okay to turn left onto a one-way street following the same rules?

ANSWER: Sgt. Nick Manale, a Louisiana State Police spokesman, says: “Except when a sign prohibits a turn, vehicular traffic facing any steady red signal may cautiously enter the intersection to turn right, or to turn left from a one-way street into a one-way street, or to U-turn at a signalized U-turn after stopping.”

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