Q. The Stumberg Lane extension project, which runs along/behind Woman’s Hospital, appears to have come to a complete stop near the intersection at Tiger Bend Road. What is the status of the project and the expected completion date?

A. Bryan Harmon, interim director of the city-parish Department of Public Works, tells us this project was broken into multiple phases.

“The first phase included the relocation of Pecue, the signal and turn lanes on Airline Highway, and the new roadway and roundabout at Woman’s Hospital,” Harmon said.

“The next phase extended the road from the roundabout to a few hundred feet short of Jefferson Highway and included the bridge across Claycut Bayou. This phase of work was recently completed and was done to allow the construction of the bridge to proceed while we were still acquiring right of way along the northern limits of the projects and allowing time for those utilities to relocate.

“The last phase will make the connection to Jefferson Highway, including some turn lane improvements on Jefferson at this intersection and at the Tiger Bend-Jefferson split. This last phase of work has been bid and awarded (Byron Talbot Construction was the low bidder with a low bid of just under $4 million). The utility companies are finalizing their relocations and the notice to proceed with construction has been issued for Jan. 12, 2015.

“The initial work will be a little slow getting started since the contractor must mobilize to the site, get his materials approved and ordered,” Harmon said. “The contract time is just under one year.”

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