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State transportation crews work to realign the curve of La. 431 and install rumble strips on April 17, 2018, just east of Airline Highway in Ascension Parish.

It seems the state Department of Transportation and Development has stopped constructing the center line "rumble" strips on two-lane roads. Why? I traveled 20 parishes prior to retirement on a regular basis and noticed many, many times cars/trucks begin to merge into the other lane, hit the rumble strips and correct back to the proper lane. This idea has probably saved lives or reduced a number of head-on crashes considering so many distracted drivers on the road.

Brendan J. Rush, a state Department of Transportation and Development spokesman, says, "We certainly place centerline rumble strips along roadways where they meet requirements and when resurfacing or new construction of the road surface is taking place.

"There are two major factors that guide the placement of centerline rumble strips:

  • Locations where speed limits are greater than or equal to 50 mph.
  • Where you have a minimum paved surface width of 24 feet with a minimum 11-foot travel lane.

"Another factor that may deter us from adding rumble strips is when the area is highly residential. Rumble strips can make a great deal of noise, especially at lower speeds, which cause them to be an annoyance on more residential roadways."

Siegen Lane exits  

Is anything going to be done to improve the Siegen Lane exits off Interstate 10? With the opening of the new Ocshner hospital in January, cars will be merging into one lane from both the right and the left sides. There are frequent backups now and it appears this will only get worse.

DOTD's Brendan J. Rush tackled this question for us as well: "DOTD has issued permits to local property owners to make changes that will address some of the traffic issues at this location.

"The existing double left and double right exits at Siegen will remain; however, a dedicated lane will be added to this configuration for traffic exiting from the I-10 eastbound Service Road to the I-10 eastbound on-ramp. We are re-striping this area and have reconfigured traffic signals, as well as added pavement."

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