For the past few months I have observed CATS buses on major streets such as Perkins, Corporate, College, Jefferson, Bluebonnet, etc. I quit counting at 60 buses. I have never seen more than 5 passengers on any bus at any one time. Generally there are zero or one passengers, with the average being fewer than one. When will CATS publish some statistics about passenger loads? I am interested in the number of passengers per mile, revenue per passenger mile, profit (loss) since the new tax was passed and the new routes begun.

We checked with Abby Hannie, the public relations manager for the Capital Area Transit System. Here’s what she told us:

“Usually after major service changes it takes 6 months to 1 year to accurately assess the impacts of the service changes on system ridership. This accounts for the time it takes for passengers to learn the new system, adapt to new travel patterns, and for marketing and promotional efforts to be effective.

“At this point, we have found that CATS average daily ridership has increased 10 percent since the implementation in March 2014. Given the significant number of route changes made by CATS in March and July 2014, and the changes planned in November 2014, CATS plans to provide a detailed assessment of the impacts of our service changes to the Board of Directors in April 2015.

“CATS provides monthly ridership information by route, revenue, and fare which can be located at, in the board meeting packet. CATS also reports all of these numbers to the National Transit Database Federal Transit Administration. All data can be collected at their website at”

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