The Cajun Navy is on the ground and in the water in Texas.

In this Facebook video posted Monday morning, trucks and boats can be seen lining an interstate off-ramp that's serving as a make-shift launch.


Around Baton Rouge, Lafayette and other parts of the state, members of the Cajun Navy sprung into action to return the neighborly love. Many who spent last August wading around south Louisiana’s floodwaters in boats packed them up Sunday and headed west to help rescue Texans caught in the floods.

"I can't look at somebody knowing that I have a perfect boat in my driveway to be doing this and to just sit at home," said Jordy Bloodsworth, a Baton Rouge member of the Cajun Navy who flooded after Hurricane Katrina when he lived in Chalmette. "I have every resource within 100 feet of me to help.”