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Mayor Sharon Weston Broome, center, receives reports in the spring from transition co-chairs Donna Fraiche, left, and Chris Tyson. Tyson, an LSU Law Center professor, has been offered the position of chief executive officer of the East Baton Rouge Parish Redevelopment Authority by the agency's board.

A report that wasn't released with the rest of the findings from Sharon Weston Broome's transition team earlier this week calls for the mayor-president to take over some of the authority currently invested in the Metro Council.

Notably, the Parish Attorney's Office currently reports to East Baton Rouge's legislative branch. So do agencies that oversee libraries, planning, the airport and some other government functions, the organizational structure transition team's report says.

The team, led by Dennis Blunt and Christel Slaughter, also briefly discusses possibly turning over some of the mayor's duties to a city manager or chief administrative officer. However, most of the report advocates for placing more authority under the executive branch. 

Doing so would allow agencies to work together more efficiently, the report argues.

East Baton Rouge's government is "slow to adopt best practices and change to compete with neighboring parishes and growing jurisdictions in Texas, Alabama and Florida," the authors wrote.

The report also suggests the city-parish employ a public health officer.

The transition team also released a six-paragraph report Friday urging the new administration to combat future attempts to incorporate St. George, largely relying on previously released studies that examined the negative financial impact to the parish at large and the proposed city itself.

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