A recently released report on Russian efforts to influence the U.S. presidential election has drawn mixed reviews from President-elect Donald Trump supporters in Louisiana, according to a report.

“I don’t believe it,” Thurston Yates Sr., 78, a Mandeville resident, told the New York Times. “Why would (Russian President Vladimir) Putin even want Trump?”

Other Louisianans interviewed in a recent New York Times article said the report may be true, but that many other factors played into Trump’s victory over Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t think the Russians posed as big a problem to the Clintons as the Clintons posed to themselves,” said Paul Emenes, 49, of Covington.

Emenes also told the Times that though the hacking concerned him, as long as Trump was not personally involved, “it doesn’t change the way I view him.”

Still others, including Bob Marino, 79, and Roger Noel, 65, said that the report amounted to nothing more than “sour grapes.”

The declassified report, released Friday, explicitly ties Putin to the meddling and says Russia had a “clear preference” for Trump in the election. The report called the campaign Russia’s “boldest effort yet” to influence a U.S. election.

Trump has repeatedly denounced the intelligence community's assessment that the Kremlin interfered in the election.

The president-elect won Louisiana easily in the November election, collecting 58 percent of the ballots and receiving more votes than any candidate in state history. Clinton, on the other hand, got fewer Louisiana votes than any Democratic candidate since 1988.

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