Ask The Advocate: How come certain roads aren't restriped more often? _lowres

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- This segment of O’Neal Lane at Jones Creek between Harrell’s Ferry Road and George O’Neal Road had lacked striping on the shoulders and center.

Editor’s note: We’ve got two questions this week concerning road striping, both in the O’Neal Lane area.

QUESTION: Why wasn’t Riverdale Avenue restriped after the O’Neal Lane expansion project was completed?

ANSWER: Bill Grass, public information officer for the state Department of Transportation and Development, says DOTD doesn’t notify the city-parish Department of Public Works when a state project is finished.

“However, if a portion of a nonstate road is impacted, it will be returned to its previous configuration once DOTD construction is complete. In this case, after DOTD finished the O’Neal Lane widening, there was a period of time before Riverdale Avenue was restriped in its original configuration of separate left/right turn lanes.”

QUESTION: Many parish roads are in dire need of restriping of double/single reflective lines and the installment of reflective pavement markers, like the section of O’Neal in this photo. Traversing parish roads at night during a rainstorm or for those who are not familiar with certain roads makes driving challenging. While the cost is borne by the city, state or federal governments depending on which road it is, why isn’t this done more often when the funds are received from gasoline taxes and/or the general tax base?

ANSWER: “Striping is done based on the availability of funding,” says Ingolf A. Partenheimer, the chief traffic engineer for the city-parish.

“A new striping contract is being bid shortly. This area in the picture (on O’Neal Lane) will be under construction soon, but will be striped in paint as an interim measure.

“Should a citizen notice a street needed to be striped they are encouraged to report it via the 311 system.”

We’ve since heard from the reader who posed the question that the interim restriping was completed on Oct. 15.


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