QUESTION: Are there any plans to repave Goodwood Boulevard between Airline Highway and Sharp Road? That stretch reminds me of some of the Third World roads I’ve ridden on.

ANSWER: There are parts of Goodwood Boulevard, in the recent photos by The Advocate’s Hilary Scheinuk, that don’t look all that good to us. But Carey Chauvin, the city-parish’s interim assistant chief administrative officer, sent us an assessment compiled last year by DPW that concludes otherwise.

The Goodwood Boulevard Inspection Summary indicates that from Airline to Sharp, the boulevard was in overall good/fair condition with a “few isolated distresses (potholes, cracking due to trees, failed utility patches & distortions causing drainage problems).”

That segment has a few more years of life and did not warrant rehabilitation at that time, the report says.

Also, there’s been quite a bit of sewer and road work in that area. Because of that, road work is generally slated after the sewer work.

“Street maintenance should be able to address the isolated distresses within this segment. Additionally, it is estimated that SSO (Sanitary Sewer Overflow program) work will be performing work requiring cross pipe to be installed … within the next few years,” the report says.

Once that sewer work is done, that roadway will be monitored for any additional repairs needed.

Looking for stuff

QUESTION: I am looking to buy several of the old railing fleurs-de-lis off the U.S. 190 Mississippi River bridge. Do you know where I might be able to find them?

ANSWER: You’ll have to do some serious hunting to find them because the state Department of Transportation and Development doesn’t have them.

“Since these last existed prior to the work in the ’80s it is hard to say where or if any survive,” says Brendan J. Rush, DOTD customer service manager.

“In most cases the materials removed or replaced from old bridges during construction are salvaged by the contractor.”

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