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Police officer arrested after fistfight with fireman was caught on video

Nearly a week after a Slaughter police officer punched Slaughter Fire Chief Billy Poché at a local gas station, the mayor and Board of Aldermen refused Tuesday to discuss the incident, despite requests from some residents for more information. 

Officer Danny Coy Hobgood, 36, resigned last week after he was booked into East Feliciana Parish jail on a count of simple battery.

Security footage shows the two men posturing near the convenience store gas pumps. In the video, Hobgood throws a punch with his left hand, striking Poché in the face. The video does not show whether Poché retaliated.  

About 30 town residents gathered for the meeting Tuesday.

At the urging of a council member, Mayor Robbie Jackson announced that under recommendation from the town attorney, officials would not comment on the gas station fight.

“Our attorney has instructed us not to comment or introduce it in tonight’s meeting,” Jackson said. “We’re going to stick with the agenda and move through the night.”

Jackson then continued the meeting without addressing the altercation.

Video: Slaughter police officer punches fire chief during incident at gas station; officer arrested

Poché and Slaughter Police Chief Dave Almond sat together at the table for the duration of the meeting.

During the regularly scheduled departmental updates, Almond noted two arrests were made and reported Hobgood resigned, but no-follow up comments were made after his report.

As the meeting adjourned, Latrelle Cart, a Slaughter resident, spoke up to ask if the town was going to make a comment on the incident, directly imploring the mayor for a response.

“We’re not going to engage in any conversation,” Jackson said. “Whether it comes out in the future, I don’t know. I hate it as much as anybody.”

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Cart said afterward she came to the meeting to learn more about the fight, especially because she knows both Hobgood and Poché.

“It’s going to put a divide in our town until it’s resolved,” Cart said. “I understand they have legal matters at hand, but the people of this town come first, and everyone up there represents those people.”

Almond and Poché both declined to comment on the incident following the meeting. 

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