A man arrested last month for allegedly setting fire to a Sonic in 2008 has been named a suspect in the Dec. 13 arson at Mike Anderson’s Seafood Restaurant, a search warrant says.

William E. Wise was named a suspect in the seafood restaurant fire after investigators watched surveillance video from the scene and saw a car that looks like Wise’s 2003 silver, four-door Saturn pulling into the restaurant before the fire was set and leaving the restaurant after the fire started to burn, the search warrant says.

On Aug. 18, 2008, Wise, 51, 1353 Jim Taylor Drive, Apt. 210, was caught on surveillance video setting a fire at the 10603 Burbank Drive Sonic, the warrant says.

The fire at the Sonic caused moderate damage to the restaurant’s roof, an arrest warrant says. The blaze at Mike Anderson’s gutted one room and damaged others, forcing the restaurant to close for repairs.

Wise was arrested on Dec. 22 in the Sonic fire, an arrest warrant says. He was booked into Parish Prison on a count of arson, criminal trespass and possession of marijuana. His bail is $8,000.