Darlene Ourso will fill the Iberville Parish School Board board’s newly created at-large seat, while incumbents Pamela George and Michael Hebert and newcomer Theresa White Roy will also slide into seats on the newly restructured board.

Ourso, an Ascension Parish teacher, won the at-large seat with 60.99 percent of the vote Saturday night. She faced off against Brian Willis, who garnered 39.01 percent of the vote.

Ourso said recently that the School Board was spending too much money, and she wanted to rein in the wasteful and top-heavy spending.

“With the new make-up of the board, there are going to be new personalities. I don’t know if one person can sit there and say he can unite the board,” Ourso said. “This will be new challenges for us. We have to just all come together and be about the children and what’s best for them.”

In District C, incumbent Pamela “Pam” George defeated challenger Karen “Kay” Jewell. George, a democrat, won 61.3 percent of the vote while Jewell earned 38.7 percent.

George has spent the last decade serving as municipal clerk for the Village of Gross Tete.

“I have enough board knowledge to know that one person can’t do everything, so I refuse to make promises I can’t keep,” she has said.

In District H, Democratic incumbent Michael Hebert defeated Republican challenger Carrie Thistlethwaite Booksh. Hebert finished with 56.74 percent of the vote, while Booksh earned 43.26 percent.

Hebert has sat on the School Board for eight years. He said recently that too many board members are overly involved in the day-to-day operations of the schools.

“I’d just like everyone to follow the change of command,” he said. “If we have a problem, we just need to talk about it. I’m never one of the ones yelling at board meetings. I try not to get caught up in all that.”

A tight race between two newcomers in District A led to Theresa Wright Roy winning her seat with just three more votes than her challenger. Roy won with 50.17 percent — 449 votes total — while challenger Tressy Gleason earned 49.83 percent, or 446 votes.

Roy, 54, is a Republican and the owner of St. Gabriel Grocery and Deli in St. Gabriel. Roy has said she wants to bridge the gap between East Iberville and the other schools in the system.

“We don’t have enough stuff on this side of the river to accommodate these kids,” Roy said. “I see people come into my store daily, complaining about the school system.”