burreaux burger

Fat Cow Burgers' Burreaux Burger includes fried crawfish. The restaurant is offering it as its Burger of the Month to commemorate LSU's upcoming appearance in the College Football Playoff National Championship game against Clemson in New Orleans on Monday.

Fat Cow Burgers & Salads' Burreaux Burger is generating some local buzz on social media this week.

The restaurant at 4350 Highland Road, Suite B1, has built a burger to reflect LSU's Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Joe Burrow's love of Louisiana.

And as Tiger fans look to the LSU football team's appearance in the College Football Playoff National Championship game on Jan. 13, Fat Cow Burgers is offering the Burreaux Burger as its Burger of the Month.

So, what makes the Burreaux Burger special? It's stacked with fried crawfish, spicy creole remoulade and arugula, tomato with pepper jack cheese.

"Our owner, Doug Hosford, came up with the combination," manager Richard Cassagne said. "He chose crawfish for the burger after Joe Burrow talked about how Coach Orgeron got him to eat crawfish."

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Fat Cow Burgers traditionally offers a different burger combination as its Burger of the Month at the beginning of each month.

"We've never offered this combination before," Cassagne said. "It was created for the Tigers' trip to the national championship, and we'll offer it until the end of the month after they win."

Cassagne said the restaurant offered a similar combination that included fried alligator and remoulade sauce when LSU played Florida during a past football season. 

"We just started offering the Burreaux Burger over the weekend, and we've had a dozen or so orders for it," Cassagne said. "The kids aren't back in school at LSU yet, so we think we'll get more orders, especially with the game coming up."

Still, photos of the burger are being shared on social media.   

And with the beginning of Mardi Gras, Fat Cow Burgers is offering its King Cake Shake as Shake of the Month.

"We've been offering the King Cake Shake for the past six or seven years, and it's by far the most popular shake we sell," Cassagne said. "It's made from a syrup we make in-house, and we top it with purple, green and gold sugar. So, you can have a King Cake Shake with your Burreaux Burger." 

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