So far, we have not seen a more vivid example of legislation as the art of the possible: If you drive with your dog loose in the back of your truck on a state highway, that’s fine. If you drive on an interstate highway, you get a ticket.

House Bill 470 by Rep. Tom Wilmott, R-Kenner, requires dogs to be placed in a ventilated crate if they are in back of a truck or on a utility trailer, when on an interstate highway — but not a state road.

The bill’s approval by the House Transportation Committee came after the Louisiana Humane Society said the organization has had several calls about dogs being injured or killed after falling out of moving trucks.

Violators would face a fine up to $150 for one dog and $50 for each additional dog.

We certainly agree that it’s a good idea, and presumably a more-comprehensive measure would not pass: A hunting dog in the bed of a pickup is almost an iconic sight on Louisiana roads. Wilmott found that out when the bill went to the full House, and failed to get a majority. While not dead, it’s a longer shot at final passage.