A Baton Rouge woman was sentenced Thursday to six months in federal prison and six months in a halfway house after admitting that she defrauded her former employer, Capital One, of $28,521.

“I’m very sorry for what I did,” Kelli Lyn Richard, 31, told Chief U.S. District Judge Brian A. Jackson. “The crime I did was due to me using drugs.”

Richard said she became addicted to drugs after the death of her boyfriend.

Richard’s attorney, Assistant Federal Public Defender Mark Upton, told Jackson that Richard has repaid Capital One all but $10,577 of the money she stole from the bank.

“Up until the time she got addicted, she lived an exemplary life,” Upton added. “She has made a lot of progress. She intends to maintain her sobriety, maintain her employment.”

Richard, who pleaded guilty to one count of bank fraud, told the judge: “I’ve been sober 10 months.”

“This was not an insignificant amount of money you stole,” Jackson told Richard. “I commend you for doing something about it.”

The judge then ordered Richard to report to federal prison by 2 p.m. June 10. After six months in prison, Jackson ordered, Richard will be sent to Ecumenical Community Correctional Center in Baton Rouge for another six months.

Jackson ordered Richard to pay restitution of $10,577 to Capital One. And he sentenced her to two years of post-prison supervision by federal investigators.