Classroom Spotlight: Parkview Baptist School kindergarten _lowres

Photo provided by Jessica Province -- Kim Reid’s kindergarten class at Parkview Baptist School includes, front from left, Madeline Lefebvre, Lorelei Carter and Amelia Cranfield; middle, Katalina George, Alexie Pellegrin, Trevor Wilfong and Landry Harrell; and back, Evan Creel, Reid, Wesley Bennett, Harrison Griffis, Cannon Mayet, Skylar Zettlemoyer and Carter Steele. Not pictured are Arie Crane and Keagan Duke.

The Advocate’s Spotlight Classroom this week is Kim Reid’s kindergarten class at Parkview Baptist School. The students were asked:

  • “What is your favorite thing about Christmas?”
  • WESLEY BENNETT: “Getting presents, because you get new things. This year, I want a scooter.”
  • LORELEI CARTER: “Going ice skating and playing in the snow. This year, I want to do both for the first time.”
  • AMELIA CRANFIELD: “My favorite thing is celebrating with my family.”
  • EVAN CREEL: “My favorite thing is the elves coming to my house.”
  • KATALINA GEORGE: “Getting presents, celebrating Jesus’ birthday and putting decorations on the Christmas tree.”
  • HARRISON GRIFFIS: “Putting the angels and nutcrackers up on the piano at my house.”
  • LANDRY HARRELL: “My favorite thing is when my elf and Santa come to my house.”
  • MADELINE LEFEBVRE: “My favorite thing is building my Christmas tree. We put a lot of ornaments on it.”
  • CANNON MAYET: “My favorite thing is when you go to sleep, and wake up and Santa came and it is Christmas. And he brings you presents.”
  • ALEXIE PELLEGRIN: “My favorite thing is putting up the Christmas tree. I like to put the ornaments on the tree and listen to music.”
  • CARTER STEELE: “Making my Christmas list for Santa. This year, I want the Nintendo Splatoon game and a fishing launcher.”
  • TREVOR WILFONG: “I like to help decorate the tree and help put up Christmas lights outside.”
  • SKYLAR ZETTLEMOYER: “My favorite thing is when my elf comes. I like to look around the house for him.”