The East Baton Rouge Parish Metro Council on Wednesday reduced the required setback width on a well-traveled stretch of Perkins Road, scaling it back from 125 feet to at least 100 feet.

Perkins Road, from Glasgow Avenue to Congress Boulevard will be affected by the change. Property owners in those areas will be able to build closer to the right of way than they could in the past, including the visible and well-known mixed-use development Rouzan.

John Delgado, whose district encompasses that portion of Perkins, pushed for the change.

Delgado said the reasoning for keeping 125 feet setback width went back to the 1950s, when Perkins Road was just two lanes. Since Perkins has expanded to five lanes, Delgado said, it’s “as wide is it’s going to get,” and it’s clear the extensive setback space will not be needed for a public purpose.

He initially asked for the required setback to be 90 feet before compromising on 100 feet to make additional room for bike and walking paths.

“All it’s doing is letting the person who owns that land use their land,” Delgado said.

The vote was unanimous, though Metro Council members Delgado, Ryan Heck, Trae Welch and Tara Wicker were not present when the vote was taken.

The Metro Council also unanimously voted to rezone 4158 Government St. to allow the future Curbside Burgers to locate there. Curbside Burgers started as a food truck in 2010, but owner Nick Hufft said he always wanted a brick-and-mortar location.

The Mid City Curbside Burgers will serve burgers and beer and is expected to open in October next door to Calandro’s Supermarket.

Editor’s note: This article was changed on Thursday, March 17, to note that the only portion of Perkins Road affected by the reduced setback requirement is from Glasgow Avenue to Congress Boulevard.