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The Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge added a New Orleans deacon Wednesday to an evolving list of clergy members who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse.

When Baton Rouge Bishop Michael Duca first released the names of clergy with such allegations two months ago, the list consisted of 37 names. It now stands at 41.

The newest addition is former Archdiocese of New Orleans Deacon James Lockwood, who served in the past as a lay teacher at St. Aloysius School in Baton Rouge. Lockwood's post there only lasted five months, according to the Diocese of Baton Rouge.

But Lockwood’s name has come up multiple times in New Orleans since he was included last November on the Archdiocese of New Orleans' of clergy credibly accused of sexual abuse. Lockwood, who is still alive and in his mid-80s, served at the Center of Jesus the Lord in New Orleans and Our Lady of Prompt Succor in Chalmette before he was removed from ministry in 1978.

Lockwood worked at St. Aloysius in Baton Rouge in 1984, years after he had been removed as a New Orleans deacon. He did not present himself as a deacon at the time, the Diocese of Baton Rouge said. Once school officials found out about his history in New Orleans, they terminated him. The Diocese of Baton Rouge said that the background checks in place today would have immediately flagged him.

A man told WVUE in New Orleans last November that Lockwood had also repeatedly raped him in the early 1970s at Hope Haven, a home for older children and teens. Many were orphans or came from troubled families and the church had  been entrusted with caring for them.

At least 65 people have alleged abuse at Hope Haven or at Madonna Manor — where younger children lived on the 10-acre campus — from the 1940s to the 1970s.

The Archdiocese of New Orleans entered a 2010 settlement of $80,000 with a man who said Lockwood abused him at Hope Haven, according to WVUE. The TV station withheld the name of the man who said Lockwood abused him. They also reported that the deacon was accused in 1978 of crimes against nature and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

“I went through the court,” Lockwood told WVUE in November. “Believe me, it was all worked out. I haven’t had any problems, and I haven’t had reason to look at this, like, it’s been actually, I think it’s been over 30 years.”

The Diocese of Baton Rouge said it had not received credible allegations of abuse about Lockwood from his time in Baton Rouge. But the Diocese's practice has been to include on its list clergy members who served in Baton Rouge and who had credible allegations made against them elsewhere.

Lockwood was born in 1933 and the Archdiocese of New Orleans ordained him a deacon in 1974.

Advocate staff writer Matt Sledge contributed to this report.

Editor's note: this story was updated after publication to correct the spelling of James Lockwood's name. 

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