QUESTION: I have heard that the rates for natural gas and electricity are cheaper when used during off-peak hours. For example, running the dishwasher at 1 a.m. would be cheaper than running it at noon. Is this generally true, and is it true for Baton Rouge residents? If it’s true, what hours are considered off-peak hours?

ANSWER: Colby Cook, communications director of the state’s Public Service Commission, says none of the regulated energy companies that serve the Baton Rouge area offer Time of Day Service — Entergy (electric and natural gas service), Atmos Energy Louisiana (natural gas) and DEMCO (electric service).

As a side note, CLECO, which does not serve the Baton Rouge area, does have a “Time of Use – Choice – Experimental Pilot” rate schedule as well as the standard residential rate schedule.

Such time-based pricing of electric power includes:

— Electricity prices set for a specific period on an advance basis, typically not changing more often than twice a year.

Critical peak pricing, where time-of-use prices are in effect except for certain peak days, when prices may reflect the costs of generating and/or purchasing electricity at the wholesale level.

— Real-time pricing, where electricity prices may change as often as hourly, reflecting the utility company’s cost of generating and/or purchasing electricity at the wholesale level.

— Peak load reduction credits for consumers with large loads who enter into pre-established agreements.

Not seeing the signs

QUESTION: Why aren’t there any hospital exit signs while traveling on Interstate 10 in Baton Rouge?

ANSWER: Well, there are. Anastasia Semien, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Transportation and Development, says, “There are blue hospital signs and green and white supplemental signs on I-10 East and I-10 West in Baton Rouge.

“Specifically, in both directions, the signs are located a quarter of a mile before the Essen Lane exit, a half mile before the Bluebonnet Boulevard exit and on the Bluebonnet and Essen off ramps.”

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