Visit Baton Rouge is hoping voters will react more favorably at the polls this November and approve an occupancy tax for those who stay in Baton Rouge hotel rooms.

A two percent occupancy tax for hotels failed at the polls last year that would have given money for Baton Rouge River Center renovations and for Visit Baton Rouge. Visit Baton Rouge President and CEO Paul Arrigo is hoping it could be successful the second time around with a more robust education campaign to tell the public the tax would be levied on tourists and not Baton Rouge residents.

Voting breakdowns from 2016 show the tax was successful in nearly all of south Baton Rouge, but failed in pockets of north Baton Rouge, along with Central, Baker and Zachary.

Arrigo is eyeing Nov. 18 for the tax election, which would coincide with a possible runoff in the state treasurer's race. The Visit Baton Rouge board will vote at 10 a.m. August 4 on whether to place the tax on the Nov. 18 ballot.

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