Louisiana retains its status as the only state in the nation with an anti-evolution law on the books.

Members of the state Senate Education Committee rejected a bill to repeal the 2008 Louisiana Science Education Act, authorizing ?supplemental materials? in science classes on such subjects as evolution and global warming.

This is regrettable on several levels. The law has spurred some members of the Livingston Parish School Board to consider introducing the Bible?s account of creation into schools. The law was the motivation for an effort to block Louisiana?s adoption of standard biology textbooks, a move fortunately defeated by the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. Scientists abhor this distortion of science by politics.

The law is an embarrassment. Evolution is not controversial in science, and not in most religious faiths, either. It?s only controversial for those who wish to use the influence of government to promote a very narrow interpretation of creationism.

The committee acted unwisely in blocking the repeal.