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Photo provided by Adrienne Gale -- LSU Laboratory School student winners at the Capital Area Reading Council Young Authors Awards include, front row from left, Caroline Zeringue, Macy Bruni and Emma Koijis; second row, Landon Hau, Eli Bruni, Wesley Hau, Shepherd Gammon, Brantley Grace Luther, Hudson Rives and Caliway Goodson; third row, Harper Inzer, Harper Brown-Rachleff, Sarah Faucheaux, Lauren Kaplan and Regan Archie; fourth row, Catherine Slyter, Gracie Thomas, Riley Aucoin and Tatum Kopfinger; and fifth row, Emile Pucheu, Virginia Nelson, Katherine Fluker, Maddox Saurage and Camille Dorsey.

Local students were among winners honored at the Capital Area Reading Council’s Young Authors Awards Program on April 13.

The program was hosted by LSU Laboratory School.

All student winners received a certificate and a copy of the anthology in which their original work was published. Teachers of the student winners also were recognized and are listed in parentheses.

Honorees include:

2015-16 Young Authors Contest winners: LSU Laboratory School.

First grade: second place, nonfiction, Harper Brown-Rachlef.

Third grade: second place, nonfiction, Virginia Nelson.

LSU Laboratory School regional winners include:

KINDERGARTEN: Caroline Zeringue, Emile Pucheu, Emma Koijis, Macy Bruni, Caliway Goodson and Hudson Rives

FIRST GRADE: Catherine Slyter, Mary Cate Herman, Gracie Thomas, Harper Brown-Rachleff, Shepherd Gammon, Catherine Slyter and Harper Inzer

SECOND GRADE: Tatum Kopfinger, Lauren Kaplan, McCall Vick and Riley Aucoin

THIRD GRADE: Eli Bruni, Wesley Hau, Sarah Faucheaux, Virginia Nelson, Katherine Fluker and Camille Dorsey

FOURTH GRADE: Veda Devireddy, Brantley Grace Luther, Lucy Nguyen and Maddox Saurage

FIFTH GRADE: Owen Finch, Landon Hau and Regan Archie

TEACHERS: Shannon Hannaman, Kelly Kelly, Cathy Rosenfeld, Michelle Blanchard, Frankie Day, Sheri Loy, Panay Burland, Kelley Buzzell, Nichole Bonilla, Trisha Fos, Jill Ayres, Tracy Graham, Catherine Myrick, Jennifer Snellgrove, Valerie McConnell and Megan Jenny

Individual winners by category include:

KINDERGARTEN — POETRY: first, Katelyn Devall , Woodlawn; second, Caroline Zeringue, LSU Lab; and third, Emile Pucheu, LSU Lab

KINDERGARTEN — NONFICTION: first, Cole Byers , Woodlawn; second, Emma Koijis, LSU Lab; and third, Macy Bruni, LSU Lab

KINDERGARTEN — FICTION: first, Savannah Couvillion , Woodlawn; second, Caliway Goodson, LSU Lab; and third, Hudson Rives, LSU Lab School

FIRST GRADE — POETRY: first, Mason McEnany , LSU Lab; second, Mary Cate Herman, LSU Lab; and third, Gracie Thomas, LSU Lab

First Grade — Nonfiction: first, Harper Brown-Rachleff , LSU Lab; second, Gracie Thomas, LSU Lab; and third, Shepherd Gammon, LSU Lab

FIRST GRADE — FICTION: first, Avery Michael , Woodlawn; second, Catherine Slyter, LSU Lab; and third, Harper Inzer, LSU Lab

SECOND GRADE — POETRY: first, Tatum Kopfinger , LSU Lab; second, Lauren Kaplan, LSU Lab; and third, McCall Vick, LSU Lab

SECOND GRADE — NONFICTION: first, Riley Aucoin , LSU Lab; and second, Katelyn Reed, Woodlawn

SECOND GRADE — FICTION: first, Ainsley Hale , Woodlawn; second, Charleigh Hale, Woodlawn; and third, Laurel Roberts, Woodlawn

SECOND GRADE SPECIAL ED— POETRY: first, Rex Wascome , Woodlawn

THIRD GRADE — POETRY: first, Eli Bruni , LSU Lab; second, Wesley Hau, LSU Lab School; and third, Sarah Faucheaux, LSU Lab

THIRD GRADE — NONFICTION: first, Virginia Nelson , LSU Lab; and second, Katherine Fluker, LSU Lab

THIRD GRADE — FICTION: first, Camille Dorsey , LSU Lab; and third, Farrah Faggett, Woodlawn

THIRD GRADE SPECIAL ED — POETRY: first, Chazzy Marioneaux , Woodlawn

FOURTH GRADE — NONFICTION: first, Veda Devireddy , LSU Lab School; and third, Brantley Grace Luther, LSU Lab

FOURTH GRADE — FICTION: first, William Wel , Buchanan; second, Lucy Nguyen, LSU Lab; and third, Maddox Saurage, LSU Lab

FOURTH GRADE — POETRY: first, Nanga Kimbeng , Woodlawn

FOURTH GRADE SPECIAL ED — POETRY: first, Seth White , Woodlawn

FOURTH GRADE SPECIAL ED — FICTION: first, Zane Dartez , Woodlawn

FOURTH GRADE SPECIAL ED — NONFICTION: first, Ja’Mya Johnson , Woodlawn

FIFTH GRADE — NONFICTION: second, Azyriah Lemon , Woodlawn; and third, Cody Lee, Woodlawn

FIFTH GRADE — FICTION: first, Adrienne East , Woodlawn; second, Owen Finch, LSU Lab; and third, Landon Hau, LSU Lab

FIFTH GRADE — POETRY: first, Regan Archie , LSU Lab; second, and third, McKenzie Fontenot, Woodlawn