A violent storm that rolled through Baton Rouge Monday morning brought an inch and a half of rain, gusts up to 60 mph and left the city with trees down, flooded roads and power outages...


Video shows train cars blown off elevated Elmwood track by storm winds; no injuries reported

Severe weather moves through Baton Rouge area, leaving power outages, trees down, flooded streets; BRCC, Southern, and LSU closed; public schools remain open

Storm knocks down foul poles at Alex Box Stadium, puts Tuesday home game in jeopardy

LSU students found different ways to weather the Monday storm: 'Even after being in Louisiana for years, that was one of the worst thunderstorms I’ve seen'

LSU reports damage, flooding across campus

Traffic navigates a flooded Burbank Drive near LSU’s campus

Power outages lead to closure of Assumption Parish schools, courthouse