Why doesn’t Louisiana require license plates on both the front and rear of vehicles? It would seem to be a help for residents and cameras in identifying vehicles involved in wrongdoings. Front and rear plates are required in 31 states.

Lt. Nick Manale, a spokesman for Louisiana State Police, points us to La. R.S. 32:53 (A), subparagraph (2):

"The permanent registration license plate assigned to a trailer, semitrailer, motorcycle, or other motor vehicle shall be attached to the rear thereof. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the permanent registration license plate assigned to any truck having a gross vehicle weight in excess of ten thousand pounds or to any dump truck may be attached to either the front or rear thereof. For the purposes of this Section, dump truck means any truck with a bed that raises to dump a load. The permanent registration license plate shall be so displayed during the current registration year, except as otherwise provided herein."

St. George mail

Will residents in the City of St. George have to change their address for personal, business, legal correspondence? Will their legal address now have to change? Will the U.S. Postal Service continue to deliver mail to addresses in “Baton Rouge, Louisiana” within the new city’s boundaries? 

J. Andrew Murrell, a spokesman for the St. George incorporation effort, says: "You have the option to address your mail with any city. The post office does not deliver mail based on the city but rather delivers based on ZIP code.

"Before we became St. George, we tested that theory by mailing several letters to various cities while using St. George ZIP codes and every one was delivered correctly to the St. George address.

"Hopefully, we will make you proud enough that you want your address to say St. George, Louisiana.

"Thanks for asking! We also have a post addressing this on our St. George Facebook page."

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