What is the annual budget/expenditure for advertising for the East Baton Rouge Parish Library system — specifically print and billboard ads? How much are graphic designers paid to produce the ads, and are those in-house staff or is the worked sourced out? What percentage of this comes from taxpayer dollars? And where can the public obtain a copy of the budget or the report in which this information is provided?

Assistant Library Director Mary Stein says, "The library budgeted $318,500 for advertising for 2018. This is less than 1 percent (0.732 percent) of the operating budget.

Stein says the information is available to the public on page 393 of the city-parish's 2018 operating budget at brla.gov/DocumentCenter/View/3634/2018-City-Parish-Budget

"The advertising budget includes $158,800 for print advertising and $30,000 for billboards. To date, no funds have been spent for billboard ads in 2018.

"The library does not hire graphic designers to produce individual ads. Graphic design for ads is created by the media vendors themselves, as is common practice."

Dangerous guy wires

On Cal Road, east of the intersection with Inniswold Road, there are guy wires supporting telephone poles that impede the new concrete sidewalk. These wires pose a danger for kids riding bikes and people walking at night. There are no warning flags or protections on the wires. Some of the poles have guy wires that have been placed so they do not cross the sidewalk and all should be placed that way.

"We are aware of the problem dealing with guy wires," says Fred Raiford, transportation and drainage director for the city-parish. "The utility company has been notified and we have requested them to address the safety concerns dealing with the guy wires. While the project is not completed yet we hope to have the guy wires corrected soon."

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