Is The Advocate proofread before it is printed? ?So often there are typos; misspellings; mis-captioned photos; paragraphs that end mid-sentence; and articles to be continued on another page but the continuation can’t be found or is captioned incorrectly.

Response from Advocate News Editor Ken Duhe:

“We know it can be frustrating when errors appear in the newspaper. Errors frustrate us as well. That’s why we include several levels of editing and page checking in the daily process of putting out the paper. Some readers tell us we do a better job than most newspapers at avoiding errors. Other readers are less impressed.

“Because a newspaper includes a great deal of information — gathered, written, edited and organized under strict daily deadlines — we reluctantly accept that we won’t be perfect. Still, we strive daily to provide the most-complete, accurate and error-free newspaper possible.”


For those who need to volunteer from home, are there any opportunities?

Volunteer! United can help find a project for people working from home, said Molly B. Holmgren with Capital Area United Way’s volunteer center.

Opportunities include folding brochures and pamphlets for area organizations; assisting a crisis intervention line from home; cooking for shelters; becoming a foster parent to a neglected animal; helping update websites; or entering data.

Call Volunteer United! at (225) 383-2643, or go to

For more opportunities to volunteer, see the “Volunteer” column in The Advocate’s Sunday People section.