Video: Confusion, shock, then big smiles as the unexpected happens at Addis wedding; it was caught on video _lowres

Image from video -- The audience was stunned by what happened at Shaniqua Lewis and Eric Ingram's June 4 wedding inAddis.

At first the bride and groom look a little confused. Then shocked and maybe a little embarrassed as they stand before the preacher.

Then Shaniqua Lewis and Eric Ingram and all of their bridesmaids, their groomsmen — and even the minister — started dancing, right there in front of the stunned audience on hand to witness their nuptials.

Then, just as quickly as it started, the impromptu party was over and the wedding ceremony continued at the Addis Community Center on June 4.

The idea was to surprise the audience. Mission accomplished.

The couple called it their “breakout” dance, and after it was posted online, it’s gotten thousands of views.

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In a second video from the reception, the couple and their wedding party take part in another dance, a social media craze called the Jukebox Challenge.

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Their performance has gotten more than 50,000 views and counting since its posting Sunday by wedding videographer Ruston Hill.