Editor's note: Daily Reveille editor Chandler Rome, the author of the column mentioned below that appeared in the campus' publication on Thursday, is a sports freelancer for The Advocate.


The University of Oklahoma's chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was thrust into the national spotlight this week after a video went viral of the school's fraternity performing a racist chant.

The incident hit a bit closer to home in Louisiana after former Louisiana Tech student and Sigma Alpha Epsilon pledge Dylan Merriman told Buzzfeed News that he witnessed a similar racist chant at an SAE party at Tech in 2010.

Here in Baton Rouge, Daily Reveille editor Chandler Rome, who's a member of an LSU fraternity, said in a column Thursday that readers "shouldn’t be so naive to read this column and think what happened on that bus can’t happen here."

A key reason why a similar episode could unfold at LSU, Rome argues, is because of the lack of education about racism among Greeks.

"In the seven and a half semesters I’ve been a part of a fraternity, not once have I been invited to a diversity workshop or has LSU Greek Life mentioned the glaring lack of diversity in its organizations or measures they’re prepared to take to solve it," he wrote. "It was never brought up in my pledgeship and, as far as I know, has not been addressed with any new classes of fraternity men."

At Oklahoma, the national organization and the university’s president agreed to shut the chapter on Monday. SAE national has condemned the Oklahoma chapter’s chant and denied that the racist chant is part of its tradition.

Louisiana Tech, when asked about it a similar incident on its campus, told The Advocate in a statement that “this type of reprehensible and destructive behavior is not tolerated from anyone attending or associated with our institution."

How would LSU handle things? LSU Greek Life Angela Guillory told The Daily Reveille she thought the hypothetical was an unfair question.

"Right," Rome sarcastically wrote. "It’s not fair to be proactive and not fair to ask if a plan is in place to handle something of such magnitude."

SAE has been repeatedly suspended from LSU in recent decades.

The fraternity most recently was suspended from the LSU campus in 2012 following allegations of hazing and harassment.

According to a report from The Daily Reveille, SAE was barred from requesting reinstatement until Jan. 1 of this year. According to LSU, as of Tuesday, the group had not petitioned for reinstatement. SAE also was suspended from LSU in 1997 after a student died following a binge drinking episode.<</p>

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