Metro Councilman Trae Welch was unanimously selected Tuesday to chair the Metro Airport Commission.

The vote came after a vigorous debate about whether the vote should be postponed until after the Metro Council meets Wednesday.

The council is scheduled Wednesday to consider reappointing or replacing four commissioners whose terms are up.

Three airport commissioners, Bob Breaux, James Dodds and Jonathan Starns, are eligible for reappointment. The fourth, Buddy Amoroso, was elected to the council in November and asked not to be reappointed to the commission.

Before Welch was nominated for commission chairman, Commissioner Michael Samuel moved that the selection of a new chairman be moved until after the council had appointed the new members.

Welch offered a substitute motion that the selection go forward. After a half-hour of debate, Welch’s motion passed on the second vote, and he was selected without opposition.

The commission deferred the selection of a vice chairman until February.