A Baton Rouge roadside billboard usually reserved for advertisements will be transformed into an art show for one day this week through the work of a national organization.

The billboard at 8558 Goodwood Blvd., near Tara Boulevard will show more than 1,000 pieces of art from local and national artists for 24 hours on Saturday, according to a news release from the Billboard Art Project.

The organization rents digital billboards that typically show commercial advertisements and instead displays artwork for the day, said David Morrison, spokesman for the organization.

The organization repurposes billboards in cities throughout the country, Morrison said.

“In addition to providing artists with a free venue to display their art, free art shows are provided to the public, thus initiating a dialogue between artists, viewers and the public landscape,” Morrison said. “The shows are great fun and a tribute to local talent.”

Morrison said the billboard shows are part of a bigger movement to “integrate art into spaces usually reserved for corporate advertising.”

The organization is also interspersing artwork with advertisements displayed on the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, according to the release.

The artworks on the Superdome will run through Nov. 18, the release says.