About 5,700 Pointe Coupee Electric users will be without power late Monday night through early Tuesday morning, according to a Pointe Coupee Electric news release.

The interruption, which is scheduled to begin at 11:45 p.m. Monday, should last about four hours while the company’s Waterloo meter point undergoes maintenance, the release says.

The outage should occur while most users are sleeping, the release says.

The affected areas are:

• WATERLOO: Dabadie Subdivision, River Bend Subdivision, Waterloo Subdivision, Levee Road/La. 415, Big Cajun and Russel Lane and Lance Lemoine.

e_SBlt NEW ROADS: La. 1 north of New Roads to Labarre, Mandela, Delta, False River Regional Airport, Fairfield, Hospital Road, Romalis Drive to Woodman Lane and La. 10 north of New Roads.

e_SBlt MORGANZA: Spillway, La. 10 toward Fordoche, Labarre to Morganza, Deaton Lane, Brownview, Callegan Lane, Nanya Plastics and JM Eagle.

e_SBlt QUINTON: LaCour, Batchelor, La. 1 from Batchelor to Innis, Old River, Innis, Coon, Bayou Latanache, La. 418, New California, State Lane, Angola Ferry, Hopkins Landing, Normandy Lane and Old River Campsites

e_SBlt ERWINVILLE: La. 415 along the levee, La. 985 at Rose Hill, La. 982, Section Road, Flynn Road, Elm Grove, Pecan Grove, Rougon Road, Hidden Oaks, McLin Road, Bueche Road, Burnside Road, 40 Acres, Dickinson and Lorio Dairy Roads, Treuil Road, Oakland Road and a portion of U.S. 190 up to Torbert.

Pointe Coupee Electric users can call (225) 638-3751 or (800) 738-7232 during the outage if they need help.