QUESTION: Does BREC or the city-parish have an ordinance requiring pet owners to pick up their pet’s waste (scoop the poop) in the parks or public venues? If they do have an ordinance, why aren’t signs posted informing the owners of this? My neighborhood park — Rue LeBouef park in the Iberville Terrace/Great Oak subdivisions — is full of droppings from dogs, yet we have a small soccer and baseball fields where kids practice and a play area that is usually littered with it.

ANSWER: The city-parish has no ordinance regarding animal waste, says Cheryl Michelet, director of communications for BREC. “However, all of our dog parks have signage stating that owners are responsible for picking up after their pet — on both the rules sign and separately on the gates as you leave the dog park area. We also provide bags to make it easy for them to follow the rule.

“At our other parks, dogs are required to be on leashes, and that rule is stated on our signs. … There is another applicable ordinance that says it is the owners’ responsibility to ensure their pet does not cause a nuisance.

“While there is no city-parish ordinance about picking up after pets, we do ask our visitors to be courteous and pick up after themselves and their pets to keep our parks litter free and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.” As for the Rue LeBouef park, Michelet says she forwarded the information to BREC’s Dog Park manager. “He says he’ll see what he can do to help educate visitors to that park.”

Working on the railroad?

QUESTION: The railroad crossing at Pecue Lane is in extremely poor condition and has only worsened with the increase in traffic due to the opening of the Stumberg extension. When will this be repaired?

ANSWER: Ingolf A. Partenheimer, the city-parish’s chief traffic engineer, says the Traffic Engineering department’s next round of railroad crossing inspections is coming up “so if the crossing is found to be in need of repair, the repair will be coordinated with Kansas City Southern Railroad.”

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