Students at the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts in Natchitoches were able to take part in a number of classes during Special Projects Week, held Jan. 4-8 at the school.

Special Projects Week offers students a chance to pursue a topic or skill that is of interest to the faculty member leading the project, a news release said. The activities allow students to explore an area they may not encounter in a traditional classroom setting.

Topics included highly academic subjects in science, history and English; popular culture topics such as James Bond movies and “Star Wars” versus “Star Trek;” and creative projects such as art in the 21st century and papier mâché.

“Students may spend a week thinking about representations of American teenagers or learning the strategies of chess or taking part in community service,” said Kristi Key, director of academic services. “These possibilities are rich and worthwhile and reflect the larger living and learning community at LSMSA.

“Faculty and staff are modeling, for the students, the ways that we may all be lifelong learners and the intellectual conviction that we continue to pursue our personal education well beyond the accomplishment of degrees and diplomas,” Key said.