A scheduled Wednesday hearing on a temporary restraining order to keep incinerated waste from a Dallas Ebola victim’s apartment out of a Louisiana landfill has been continued to Nov. 10.

The joint request for an extension by the state and two companies involved says that it’s hoped the additional time will allow them to come up to a solution and avoid a hearing altogether.

The temporary restraining order filed by Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell was granted on Oct. 13 against Veolia Environmental Services and Chemical Waste Management.

The Lake Charles facility Chemical Waste Management Inc. announced the same day as the filing that the landfill would not accept the incinerated waste from Veolia Environmental in Port Arthur, Texas. However, the Attorney General requested the order in the 19th Judicial District Court to make it legally binding.

The temporary restraining order asks for the facilities to apply for necessary permits, provide the state with information on any testing of the materials and provide proof that the material isn’t hazardous.

According to a request for an extension, the state and facilities discussed the waste and, if it’s taken to a Louisiana landfill, how to provide that the waste is not hazardous. In addition, the extension says the state and the facilities are working on how the state can “independently verify the efficacy of the treatment, transport, and disposal of the waste and that they are fully protective of the health, safety and welfare of Louisiana citizens.”

According to the request for a temporary restraining order, the burned material from the Dallas Ebola victim’s apartment was going to be sent to the Louisiana landfill because of an existing contract between Veolia and the landfill.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Tom Frieden has said the incinerated Ebola waste poses no danger because the virus would have been destroyed by the intense heat.