Face My Game's Trevor Lawrence (left) and Joe Burrow (right) rings.

Brian Daigle has created a friendly way for LSU and Clemson fans to face off.

Daigle is founder and owner of the Baton Rouge-based Face My Game, which produces busts of athletic figures, authors and literary figures.

And he's scaled down two of those busts into statement rings for the College Football Playoff Championship game in New Orleans on Jan. 13.

One ring features a bust of LSU's Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Joe Burrow. The other is topped by a bust of Trevor Lawrence, who led Clemson to last year's national championship.

Both busts were designed by Baton Rouge artist Kevin Lindholm.

"We just thought it would be something festive for the games," Daigle said. "And we'll be in New Orleans on Sunday and Monday selling the rings."

The quarterback rings come in sizes of small, medium and large and cost between $10 and $12, depending on the size. The Burrow ring comes in gold, and the Lawrence ring is orange.

And both are created with an industrial 3D printer.

"We create the design, then we print it out," Daigle said. "They're all made of a plastic filament."

The company's inventory of busts also includes New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and its most popular design, LSU Coach Ed Orgeron.

These personalities also are offered as bookends, Christmas ornaments and refrigerator magnets.

"We'll only be selling the quarterback rings in New Orleans this weekend," Daigle said. "We'll be in our truck, and fans will be able to see us, because it's well marked. We'll be around the Superdome and as close as to the French Quarter as we can be. It'll be easy to find us."

Daigle said fans also can order the rings by emailing FaceMyGameCustomer@gmail.com or visiting facemygame.com.

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