The ’70s put an end to local designer Anthony Ryan Auld’s “Project Runway” dreams.

The LSU alum was eliminated in Thursday night’s competition when the two ’70s-inspired looks he created failed to wow the judges.

“It feels very hippie-dippy, and not in a good way,” said judge Nina Garcia of Auld’s maxi dress and mini skirt and vest combo.

“To me, they look like two boring girls,” commented judge Heidi Klum. “There’s no sex appeal.”

“I agree with Heidi,” Garcia said. “They look like two boring girls that are part of a cult.”

“They’re the hippie sister wives,” quipped judge Michael Kors.

This was the tenth challenge of the season, and, while Auld had finished in the top three in several episodes, he had won only one challenge, when he crafted a gown to appear as though it was covered with paint strokes.

In sending Auld home, Klum called him a great designer. After he left the runway stage, the former Victoria Secret model commented, “He was cute,” and gave a pout.

Auld said he felt good about his time on the Lifetime Television reality competition and was surprised at how close he had become to some of his fellow contestants.

“I don’t really think I got to do my best work on here, but my voice was heard,” Auld said in his closing remarks on the show.

He called his elimination a “bump in the road.”

“First and foremost I love fashion because that’s what got me through a hard time,” said Auld, referring to his battle with testicular cancer. “And I’m going to continue to do it. This is not going to stop me.”

And while he did end up losing the challenge, Auld came off as a winner when he was the only designer to give money to fellow contestant Anya Ayoung-Chee, who lost her budgeted fabric money while shopping. The designers only had $100 to spend, and Auld gave Ayoung-Chee the $11.50 he had left over. Ayoung-Chee ended up winning the challenge.

Auld also is in the lead in the voting for fan favorite, which could win him $10,000 if he is still in first place when the voting closes.