BR High alumni share old times _lowres

Photo provided by Gerard Ruth -- These Baton Rouge High School grads meet on the first Wednesday of each month at Cafe American. Gathering in December, from left, are Jay Canella, Jimmy Taylor, Gerard Ruth, Duard Roberts, Dee Dee Bradford, Ted Jones, Alton 'Cowboy' Barksdale, David Safer, Pat Ainsworth and Dr. Charles Nolan.

Each month, a group of Baton Rouge High School graduates gets together to reminisce and catch up on the latest news.

Gerard Ruth, a graduate of the class of 1948, said while most are retired, he and Jimmy Taylor, from the class of 1954, are still working, but make time for the monthly sessions.

He said most group members attend LSU baseball and football games when they can.

The 10-member core group has four veterans and many involved in local charities.

Referred to as the “Ole Baton Rouge High Boys,” the group includes Jay Canella, class of 1960; Taylor; Ruth; Duard Roberts, 1948; Dee Dee Bradford, 1948; Ted Jones, 1948; Alton “Cowboy” Barksdale, 1952; David Safer, 1948; Pat Ainsworth, 1952; and Dr. Charles Nolan, 1953.

The group meets at noon on the first Wednesday of the month at Café American.

Ruth invited more Bulldog grads to “join in ... you’ll hear some good tales.”