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William Lux, a tourist from Chicago, guides Jamie Washington across a flooded Canal St. where currents were making it hard to traverse in downtown New Orleans on Wednesday, July 10, 2019.

In August of 1940, before tropical storms and hurricanes were given names -- a practice that began in 1950 -- a hurricane dropped 37.50 inches of rain on Louisiana, the Weather Prediction Center, part of the National Weather Service, said on Thursday, in a tweet on maximum rainfalls per state, due to storms, for the years 1940-2018.

The maximum rainfalls calculated for each state were based on North Atlantic and Northeast Pacific Tropical Cyclones and their remnants for those 78 years.

The 37.5 inches of rain that Louisiana weathered in the summer of 1940 was due to an "August hurricane," the Weather Prediction Center said.

Louisiana and four other states on the Gulf Coast stand out for maximum rainfall in a tropical cyclone event.   

Mississippi, Alabama and Florida also have received more than 30 inches of rainfall in one year due to such a storm, with Florida receiving more than 45 inches, from Hurricane Easy in 1950, the first year of storms being named, using the joint Army/Navy Phonetic Alphabet. 

The maximum rainfall for Texas, to date, is the 60.58 inches that Hurricane Harvey brought to the state in 2017.