Residents of the Kenilworth Subdivision stood in line Sunday to pick up their luminary kits — white paper bags with tea lights, 25 per member of the Kenilworth Civic Association — for one of the most anticipated traditions of this tight-knit neighborhood.

The official 2015 Lighting of the Christmas and Holiday Luminaries will be from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Dec. 20, said Celeste Robin, of the KCA.

Residents light the candles, place them in the bags along with a cup of sand, dirt or cat litter, and set them at regular intervals along the sidewalks in Kenilworth, Robin said, creating a glow that not only adds to holiday light displays, but also to the neighborhood ambiance.

It’s a sight that attracts many visitors from around the city. It’s Kenilworth residents’ goal, she said, to maintain a continuous string of luminaries all around the neighborhood, both for outside visitors and for friends and family visiting each other within the neighborhood.

As is the tradition every year, holiday displays will be judged by a panel for a variety of categories, including most religious, most whimsical, best lighting and best mailbox, according to the KCA newsletter.

Many residents will purchase extra 25-piece kits for $4 each, she said, in order to make as continuous a line of luminaries as possible. Groups will also be participating in caroling and other holiday activities around the neighborhood.

For those attending holiday parties in the neighborhood, or walking to view the lights, the KCA advises planning ahead for expected traffic. Additional parking is available at Kenilworth Science and Technology Center.

The 2015 judges for Kenilworth Luminary Decorations are Dr. Aimee and Ben Ferrell, of Butterfly Pediatrics.