Volunteers with the Cajun Navy, a group of South Louisiana volunteers who offer their time, boats and other equipment to help flood victims, gather in Lafayette Monday, August 28, 2017, to regroup before departing for Texas to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The Cajun Navy selflessly plunges into storm-ravaged areas to render aid ... just make sure if you offer support, it's to the real heroes. 

The Better Business Bureau issued a news release Thursday that warned potential donors of scammers posing as the groups and soliciting donations. 

" 'Cajun Navy' is a term that is synonymous with selfless acts of heroism," read the post, "brave men and women who risk their lives to help rescue people and provide relief to communities after a natural disaster. However, there are some unscrupulous people who take advantage of the generosity and kindness of others, especially during these emergency situations."

The BBB release said the group has identified "several" Cajun Navy entities accepting donations as if they were charities, but were not so. 

Tips on how to identify legitimate charities -- as well as a list of verified charitable groups -- can be found here

Multiple Cajun Navy groups have gone across multiple states in recent years to assist with flooding and recovery efforts. The group was integral in Louisiana's response to massive flooding in 2016. They group also assisted with Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Hurricane Florence along the Carolina coast and now Hurricane Michael in Florida and elsewhere. 

For the full release from the Better Business Bureau, click here. 

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