A Baton Rouge man who police say was “heavily intoxicated” was arrested Saturday after he punched a 2-year-old and kicked and spit at an arresting officer.

Police said they were summoned to a Prescott Road home because of a report of fighting. When they arrived, they could hear screaming coming from inside the home. After getting inside, officers arrested Michael Woolfolk, 23, after determining he was drunk and causing the commotion, according to a police report.

The family living at the residence told police that Woolfolk had come over to the house to visit, but was asked to leave numerous times, police said. When he finally went outside, the resident shut the door and locked Woolfolk out.

But Woolfolk forced his way back inside the house, police said, and once inside he attempted to punch the man who lived there, but missed and struck the 2-year-old instead. Woolfolk then turned back to the man and began to swing at him again, hitting him multiple times, police said. As the fight continued, a television, a window and a table were broken.

After police handcuffed Woolfolk, officers said they attempted to put him in a police cruiser, but Woolfolk started kicking one of the officers on his legs. As police removed Woolfolk from the car, he spit on the same officer, according to the police report.

Woolfolk, 5620 Clayton St., Baton Rouge, was booked into Parish Prison on counts of aggravated burglary, cruelty to juveniles, simple battery, public intoxication, damage to property, battery on a police officer and resisting with force or violence.