A recent Tuesday afternoon game was no different than other football games played this season by the Northwestern Middle School Braves — the evening ended with NMS winning.

The undefeated seventh- and eighth-grade football players dominated the visiting Knights from nearby Slaughter Community Charter School 38-0 during the Oct. 7 game.

The middle school student-athletes battled it out in Bronco Stadium at Zachary High before a crowd that rivaled that of any high school matchup.

Fans, cheerleaders, dancers, players and screaming coaches thronged the sidelines — the elements were all there.

The Braves just needed to deliver, and deliver they did.

The Braves, now 6-0, showed the Knights a thing or two about offense, putting 38 points on the board.

Braves players who saw some action included Wes Brady, JaDarion Brown, Keilon Brown, Tyreke Chaney, Terry Haney, Mario Hayes, Tyler Judson, Kolby Matthews, Maverick McClure, Clinton Newberry, Kris Simmons and Chandler Whitfield among others.

The NMS Braves played Central Middle in Central on Oct. 14.

Assistant coach Michael Stephens said the Braves have an excellent chance to become district champions.

The Braves host Livonia on Oct. 20 in Bronco Stadium on the ZHS campus.

Game time is 6 p.m.