QUESTION: Several of our neighbors have put chickens in chicken coops in their backyards. Our subdivision is inside the city limits. Does a city ordinance address this issue? If so, do we abide by the city ordinance or by the subdivision bylaws, which do not allow farm animals in our neighborhood?

ANSWER: Hilton Cole, director of the city-parish Animal Control and Rescue Center, says the ordinance in question, Title 14 of the city-parish Code of Ordinances, is one his agency enforces.

Section 14:224 prohibits keeping more than three chickens within a recognized residential subdivision on a lot of less than one acre.

Roosters, geese, ducks, etc., are prohibited on a lot less than two acres. If you do have these fowl, they have to be confined to your yard at all times.

Pens, coops, etc., must be 10 feet from the nearest property line and 50 feet from the nearest house. The housing facility has to be kept clean and free from fecal material or other matter that may cause a nuisance. This would include odor, vermin etc.

Appropriate humane food, shelter and water must also be provided at all times.

If you send a letter of complaint to the Animal Control director, an Animal Control officer will investigate and, if necessary, issue a warning notice, giving the owner three days to come into compliance.

Failure to comply may result in a misdemeanor summons and subsequent court action.

La. 19 turn signal needed?

QUESTION: The intersection of La. 19 (Scotlandville–Zachary Highway) and Thomas Road is an accident waiting to happen. There are no turning signals for either lane on the Thomas Road side and every day there are cars turning in front of the oncoming traffic.

ANSWER: Brendan J. Rush, customer service manager for the state Department of Transportation and Development, says: “We can look at the traffic counts and check any past crash data and determine if they warrant a turn signal.

“We have to be careful as adding protected left movements to both sides of Thomas Road for low traffic counts will greatly reduce the operating efficiency of the intersection. This will add greater stoppage times to La 19 as well as Thomas Road and could increase congestion.

“Either way, we will look into the signal issue.”

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