Just in time to clean out the garage as the weather begins to cool in the fall, the East Baton Rouge parish household hazardous waste collection day will be Nov. 22.

From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Memorial Stadium, 1792 Foss St., volunteers will help collect and sort materials like fertilizer, antifreeze and batteries.

The collection helps keep potentially dangerous materials out of the regular landfill and make sure that they are disposed of properly.

“It’s a small percentage of our overall waste, but because it’s toxic and flammable we want to make sure it’s disposed of properly,” said Susan Hamilton, director of the East Baton Rouge Parish recycling office.

During the past 28 years, parish residents have taken in more than 3 million pounds of household hazardous material that have been disposed of properly.

A full list of what will be accepted at the collection day can be found at www.brgov.com/recycle.

Any liquids taken to the collection day need to be in labeled and closed containers of not more than five gallons.

In addition to the large number of hazardous material types that will be accepted, there is also a long list of items that can’t be taken to the collection day.

These items include ammunition, fireworks, Styrofoam peanuts, fire extinguishers or construction and demolition waste.

Latex paint also is not accepted because it can be easily disposed of at home by drying it with equal parts cat liter and then sealed and put in the normal trash.

“More important, use up what you buy,” Hamilton said.

In addition to the collection day, there are also a wide variety of year-round businesses that accept various materials, she said.

That list is also available on the recycling office’s website.