As Baton Rouge officials received an update Wednesday on the Alton Sterling shooting investigation, a member of the audience made a comment that caused Metro Council members to gasp in shock.

At one point during the hearing, Arthur "Silky Slim" Reed, an out-spoken activist who frequently advocates for police and criminal justice reform, told the council: "Justice came when Gavin Long came."

Reed said he does not believe that a 9-1-1 call was ever made the night Sterling was killed, despite both EMS and the Department of Justice saying there were two calls.

"Justice has already been served. An eye for an eye. So justice came when Gavin Long came," Reed said.

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Mayor Pro Tem Scott Wilson then warned Reed that he needed to stay on the topic of the 9-1-1 call and EMS.

"EMS had to go pick up Gavin Long, Wilson, and take him to the morgue because he actually killed some officers at Salamoni's hand, so Salamoni should be charged with the murder of those police officers that were killed because his action is what got those officers killed," Reed said.

Reed was one of many who served on a police advisory task force for Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome shortly after she took office. It was that group that helped her form her Baton Rouge Police Department use-of-force policy changes unveiled in February.

On more than one occasion, Reed, who orchestrated the release of the first cellphone video after Sterling's shooting by a city police officer, has brought a noose to city hall and held it up while speaking to council members. 

Reed was particularly visible after Sterling was killed.

Long was the gunman in a July 2016 ambush that killed three law-enforcement officers and injured three others, two of them seriously.

There was no new information on internal affairs investigation as police are still waiting for the state attorney general to conclude his investigation, but residents took the opportunity to express their unhappiness with the council and justice system over the handling of the investigation and other fall-out from the Sterling shooting.