Library Director Spencer Watts is in line to receive a pay raise next year, after Library Board members gave him top marks this week during his annual performance review.

Watts currently earns $100,200 a year. Library Board members said Thursday that they recommend he receives the next pay increase in the city-parish’s pay scale.

Watts’ base salary for 2016 will be $108,430, and the Library Board members said they are backing a merit increase of $3,250. His total salary next year should be $111,680, an 11 percent increase.

City-parish employees are all in line for yearly pay raises as they move through the government’s pay raise system.

Assistant Library Director Mary Stein said the raise should make Watts’ salary more proportional to its level during his previous job as director of the Mobile Public Library in Alabama.

Watts has been the library system’s leader since January 2013.

The board went into executive session for his performance evaluation, but board President Kizzy Payton said afterward that Watts received an excellent rating.

Payton said the board is especially pleased with how Watts has led them to the success of passing another 10 years of property taxes for the library.

Watts said he will continue to work hard as the library’s director and that he is thankful for the work of his staff.

“For a five star library, we have a five star director,” said Library Board member Terrie Johnson.


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