We have Black Friday to mark the start of the holiday shopping season, and New Year’s Day to honor the annual turning of the calendar from one year to the next. Memorial Day is, more or less, our bookmark for finding the start of summer, while Labor Day unofficially heralds its close. But we don’t pay very much attention, although we should, to the opening of spring each year.

Nobody really made a big deal out of the official start of spring, which happened on March 20. Perhaps, in a more enlightened world, we’d greet such happy news with a better sense of occasion.

Let’s celebrate the mild weather, the greening landscape, the emergence of new flowers and dreams of Easter. This is happy news for a planet that could use a little more good cheer these days, don’t you think?

“No matter what changes take place in the world, or in me, nothing ever seems to disturb the face of spring,” the late E.B. White wrote in 1957. White is gone, but spring endures.