When will the traffic lights at busy intersections such as Siegen Lane/Perkins Road, Siegen Lane/South Mall Drive/Kinglet, and Bluebonnet/Highland be upgraded? Shouldn’t those have been a part of the streetlight tax passed long ago? Do they actually “manage” the traffic lights at the traffic management facility they built?

Ingolf A. Partenheimer, the city-parish's chief traffic engineer, tells us: "The MovEBR program does indeed have fixes for the Siegen at Perkins intersection. By adding lanes to the remaining Perkins approach, we will be able to clear two full through lanes across the intersection, which, until Perkins is widened, this is not possible due to its necking back down to one lane in each direction.

"Siegen/South Mall/Kinglet is being evaluated with an eye to its operation. There is great hope that the Siegen Mall will finally build their rear exit to Pecue as Pecue is being built out as a fully interchange with Interstate 10 access. Bluebonnet at Highland is operating well given its constraints; however, we will re-evaluate its timings. With regard to the Advanced Traffic Management Center, its staff is continually working to improve traffic. Once detection and communications are added to the remaining signals, the traffic signals will be much more efficient."

For the past several months, a local contractor has been installing large sewer pipe along the side of Lovett Road in Central. Unfortunately, they run their heavy equipment in the middle of the road and have nearly destroyed parts of the road. This has resulted in some unsafe driving conditions on parts of the road. Upon completion of the project will they be required to repair the road or will the taxpayers have to pay for the repairs?

"I am assuming this references the section of Lovett Road over the Shoe Creek box culverts," Central Mayor David Barrow says. "There were some failing sections of this roadway before the sewer work started. The city of Central issued an agreement Nov. 8 to have approximately 200 feet of roadway repaired at this location. The contractor will need to mobilize equipment, and the work should be completed by early March.

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